Catholic Diocese of Jhabua is a registered charitable society running many reputed schools in the Western Madhya Pradesh. Some of our reputed schools are St. Thomas School, Mandsaur, Catholic Mission School, Jhabua, St. Peter’s School , Jaora etc. Holy Cross Convent School is a unit of the Catholic Diocese of Jhabua.

Our aim is not only academic excellence but also to uphold and promote moral and spiritual values. The integral development of the student as the prime goal, we hope to bring out open and broadminded, balanced citizen who will be an asset to the nation and to the global village.

Our Inspiration

Our source of inspiration is the Cross of Christ, which He chose to accomplish the hardest mission of his life. The supreme sacrifice of the self on the cross by Jesus made it glorious and cleansed it of the shame for which it was long known. Today cross is the symbol of victory. The act of Jesus Christ proved to the world that sacrifice leads people to greater glory. We must gain knowledge and wisdom through hard work and sacrifice. Student of Holy Cross Convent School are extorted for hard work, self discipline and prayer so that they march towards victory through hard work and wisdom to become shining members of the global village.

Bishop's Message X

                  Education is the basic need of a human being. It can dispel the darkness of ignorance, injustice and exploitation. It is the key which can open many doors of human development. All round education is the aim of Jhabua Diocese. So that all our children become good citizens of India. Hence besides intellectual performance we give much influence to value education. It is good to be great but it is better to be good Therefore to impart education is the holy task of each one of us. Let us together devote ourselves for the same.
God bless us.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Basil Bhuria (SVD)
Meghnager, Dist - Jhabua

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